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DIES AND MOLDS is a company specialized in the Design, Manufacture, Reverse Engineering and Maintenance of all types of Dies and Plastic Injection Molds.


Our dies and molds are manufactured based on:

1. The experience and know how of our personal in all levels

2. Modern Machinery

3. Peak Technology

4. A Quality Management System

5. Integral Solutions for the dient requirements and necessities

6. Technical Support since the quotation request


We are capable to supply our diez and molds to the following industries:


Automotive|Home|Cosmetics|Construction|Electrical appliance|Food|Toys|Agricultural|Electronics|Pharmaceutical|Hardwware


Progressive Dies

Punch Dies

Cut Dies

Forming Dies

Draw Dies

Prototype (Soft Tool)


Simple cavity or multicavities Molds

Cold or hot runner Molds

Direct gate or subgate Molds

Automatic unscrewing Molds

Collapsing Core Molds

Prototype (Soft Tool)




Our Die and Mold design are develop in accordance with the specific requirements of our clients, so we offer the best solutions for its necessities looking for an easy and low maintenance of our dies and molds.


Our design department is equiped with innovative and advanced software and technology, like a 3D CAD-CAM-CAE system for design and modeling, so we can solve complex problems of surfaces and solids with a high machined precision.


Our software is update every three months, so we are on top of the designing and machining technology.




We produce our dies and molds in modern and high technology machinery. We use Wire EDM, EDM and Vertical CNC process, which give us high versatility in the manufacture of dies and molds.

Km. 37.5 Autopista México Querétaro Número 5010

Condominio Industrial Cuamantla Nave 21

54730 Cuautitlán Izcalli, Méx.


As a complement of our specialty in the Desgn and Manufacture of Dies and Molds, we offer our added value services, such as:


  • EDM and Wire EDM machining
  • Vertical CNC machining
  • Preventive and Corrective maintenance of dies and molds
  • Engineering changes, reverse engineering and repair of dies and molds
  • Assistance in reaching the best integral solution for the client requirements and necessities
  • Technical support since the client quotation request and until the end of the Project
  • On line summary report on projects advance in our web page
  • Inmediate atention (24 hrs. Max) to any of your doubts, comments, sugestions, etc., in our web page.

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